A Non-Profit, Performing Arts Event Management Group*

Cholong Park, Artistic Director

Who We Are

Blue Pants Arts offer various services for preparing performing arts events geared towards betterment of local community and bringing awareness to human rights issues. We can help you with anything from poster design and marketing to musical arrangements and preparing press release.

Current Projects

Her Life As A “Comfort Women”

Blue Pants collaborated with WeHope to create a two-part performance and guest speaker event in January 2020.

Previously scheduled second performance of the event was postponed due to COVID-19. Be on the lookout for the next performance in our newsletter!

Voices of North Korean Refugees

Promotional Footage For 2018 Season

In collaboration with ENoK, Blue Pants is preparing for the 2021 season of Voices of North Korean Refugees event.

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Disney Halloween ConcertA family-friendly Disney-themed concert for Halloween.
TBDBrookline, MA
Her Life as a “Comfort Women”Rescheduled due to COVID-19