Her Life As A ‘Comfort Women’

Blue Pants Arts supported WeHope’s vision of spreading awareness of the ‘comfort women’ issue through music, dance, mixed media, and and an open discussion session with a guest speaker. Blue Pants Arts provided consultation on performance direction, contacted composers and artists to participate in this event, led rehearsals for the performers, secured a performance venue, created the program booklet, and provided marketing and fundraising for the event.


Part 1: Music and Dance Performance

The Principle of Archimedes for Gayaguem and Marimba

Composition by Jean Ahn

Flora Hyoin Kim, Statue of Peace Performance

Song of the Birds

Composition by Pablo Casals

Flora Hyoin Kim, Dance
Suah Kim; Jieun Kim; Hwakyung Jang, Cello Trio


Flora Hyoin Kim, Dance

Hwakyung Jang, Cello; Jihyung Hong, Drum

Part II: Q & A

Discussion with our Guest Speaker Bel Ben Manoun, WeHope directors Sonny Son and Jungwoo Hwang, and Grinnare members Flora Hyoin Kim and Hwakyung Jang

Program booklet*

*This is an excerpt from the printed version of the program booklet distributed at the event.

Marketing MAterials

Blue Pants Arts
Cholong Park, Artistic Director

Sonny Yeeun Son, Director
Samantha Hyeyoung Choi, Director
Jungwoo Hwang, Director
Saemi Jung, President of WeHope BU
Christine Chang and Yunhyoung Jemma Lee, Co-President of WeHope MCPHS

Featured Composer
Jean Ahn
Jiwon Jeon

Flora Hyoin Kim, Dance
Jihyung Hon, Drum
Jieun Kim, Suah Kim, Hwakyung Jang, Cello Trio

Guest Speaker
Bel Ben Mamoun

Byung-Jun Yoon
Hyung Kwon Ko
Mixing Engineer
Sara Maeng

SUNDAY, January 26th, 6:30 PM
Education and Community Center
32 Harvard Street, Brookline, MA